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Sojo & Company - World Peace / Drum Fashion / Whiplash 12"


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Low-slung dubwise on the Sojourner imprint -

Originally released around 5 years ago, we've picked up a few copies of this from our source, adding to the menu of 90's inspired instrumental dub cuts in store.

Sojo & Company deal with the meditational goods, cut in full depth and course on this 12" disc.

Running across the entire first side, in extended dub mode, we find 'World Peace' and it's deep, grooving bass guitar and asian string instrumentation coming with a calm & collected feel, loaded with speaker bursting pressure all the same.

Flip it around for the euphoric 'Drum Fashion', follwed by the version entitled 'Whiplash' -
Solid JA-inspired, dusty grooves that are sure to work the soundsystem in a very nice way, early morning or late at night.

All fans of On.U Sound, Systemwide, Disciples - this one is for you.

World Peace

Drum Fashion