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Soloist & Second Apartment - Untitled LP


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"The Dub-Ito label was founded on the friendship and musical vision of southern Italian duo Claudio Mate and Francesco Mazzocco. The label's name is a play on words from different languages, giving a unique outcome.

The label's new series, Nihon No Toshi (Japanese year) will feature ongaku (music) from the Japanese underground scene."

The first in this series is by Tokyo duo Rikinari Hata and Adam Gyenes, aka Soloist & Second Apartment, whose unique takes on EBM and New-Wave sound not quite like anything else out there. It's noisy, unapologetic and bridling with punk energy, but it feels unwaveringly current despite these influences - the engineering is razor-sharp and the incorporation of electronic elements and drum machines is pitch perfect. There's even minor chiptune influences littered throughout; take the opener Idiot Idiot, where the top line of the drums are largely just bursts of bit-crushed noise in the style of Quarta330.

Mae e Narae has an apocalyptic Basic Channel feel with an ominous 4/4 chug anchoring searching feedback drones and wistful vocal snippets into a dread-laden juggernaut. Title track Untitled (...) is a gorgeous synth-pop effort, with a rich, analogue bassline as the central star of the show. Its brief runtime makes it a contender for most in need of repeated listens, along with the EBM and Post-Punk tinged SubHuman, a track that wouldn't sound out of place on late 1970s Factory Records alongside Closer or Unknown Pleasures. Shinigami Horimono remixes Idiot Idiot for the final track, a stepping number that calls to mind the productions of Spiritflesh - a doom-laden Technoid-Industrial hybrid that is both cerebral and for the body - a perfect closer.

Served in a black disco bag with a 12" full color poster.

1. Idiot Idiot
2. Futei
3. Mae e Narae
4. Untitled
5. PulseWave
6. SubHuman
7. Idiot Idiot (Shinigami Horimono Rmx)

Mae e Narae



Idiot Idiot (Shinigami Horimono Remix)