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Sons of Negus - A Psalm of Praises to the Most High 1967-1972

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The highest heights of 60's Nyabinghi music from the drums of Ras Michael a.k.a. King Negus Fifteen tracks of glorious, devotional Rastafarian hymns of praise originally released on rare Zion Disc singles in extremely limited pressings and never before available outside of Jamaica

Let Africa be our guiding star, OUR STAR OF DESTINY. Marcus Mosiah Garvey In 1967 Ras Michael began to play occasional recording sessions for Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd with Jackie Mittoo and Soul Vendors at Studio One. Instead of getting paid for his work Ras Michael requested studio time for recordings for his own Zion Disc productions as the Sons of Negus Churchical Host. Seven inch releases at Zion Disc in 1967 and 1968, included 'A Psalm Of Praises To The Most High', 'Come Down', 'King's Highway' to name a few, and all were unequivocal in form and content. The records did not trouble charts and none were released outside of Kingston...; Like reggae is a vision. Reggae is the word that hits at the heartstrings the mind can't control. I and I get the message of Rastafari out through reggae. It is the black music line of message to the world. It is the black Rastaman line of message to the world. It is the metaphorical Black Star Line...; Ras Michael

Run Come Rally

Zion We Want to Go

Ethiopian National Anthem

All Ye Saints