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Sophrosyne - Ecclesiastes

Avon Terror Corps

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“Here ye! Here ye!

Fresh piece of Avonian produce for you’ns, straight from the source.

Sophrosyne first entered our orbit in true underground fashion; handing over a demo CD at the end of our debut live event (a cardboard sleeve with Sophrosyne scratched in biro, of course).

About a year and 1x Global Pandemic later, we are proud to bring you their blistering debut album ‘Ecclesiastes’.
10x to-the-point, 0% bullshit, up-front Industrial Metal trax that will appease yr need for pure fkn sonic catharsis!

This is the sort of CD us 12 year old Terrors would have drooled over in the back pages of Metal Hammer or Terrorizer. Up-to-the-minute club-stompers colliding with vicious Trad Metal urgency. Slap on your Slipknot market-jeans, open up a bottle of Beam and get fucking into it!

FFO: Mysticum, DUMA, 90s Sarcofago, RAMMELLZEE’s Cosmic Flush, V.E.G.A’s Cocaine, 1000 HOMO DJs, Pan.Thy.Monium, L.O.T.I.O.N, Extreme Precautions, WAX TRAX, early Fear Factory, DEAFBRICK, Wormlust, Satyricon, Berzerker + leather, whips, (wallet)chains, dungeons’n’that."

1. The Bells Don't Chime At Midnight 02:59
2. Ecclesiastes 02:41 video
3. Original Sin 02:50
4. Human Abbattoir 03:36
5. Tear Down Statues of False Idols 02:16
6. Scum of the Earth 03:20
7. No Man of God 02:50
8. Bonded By Darkness 03:59
9. In The Shadow of the Hangman's Noose 03:27
10. The Damage Is Already Done 04:42

The Bells Don't Chime At Midnight


Tear Down Statues of False Idols

Scum of the Earth