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Sotofett - Noɽ


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DJ Sotofett excavations from the early 00s, pre Sex Tags Mania / Wania / Amfibia era, collected from an ancient hard drive kept safe for many years and now presented for the first time ever, passing the test of time and cementing itself now in the shape of a high quality vinyl record inside a real nice sleeve design, packed with 10 cherished cuts of Sotofett's own take on that Rephlex'in brain dance sound "- just don't call it IDM!"

Presented on fellow record slingers SW & SVN's excellent SUED label, this one is still sounding mighty good to us in 2k21, and if our maths and logic makes sense, will still sound mighty good in 2k31 and beyond, so you can rest assured that this purchase is economically, as well as ecologically and sonically, safe and sound.
What we're basically saying is - you won't regret owning this record - quite in the contrary, you'll probably be back for more. We're already on our 2nd listen today, and now imagine if you multiply that across 365 days, times ten.

- enjoy.

Side 1
1. Track 1 (3:52)
2. Track 2 (6:11)
3. Inteɽlude (0:11)
4. Track 4 (3:05)
5. Track 5 (3:30)

Side 2
1. Intɽo (3:33)
2. Track 7 (2:35)
3. Track 8 (3:38)
4. Track 9 (3:30)
5. Track 10 (3:56)

Track 1

Track 5

Track 8

Track 10