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Soul Sugar - East Of The River Nile / Version

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Funked version of a Pablo classic -

What we have here (in very limited quantity) is a limited 7" edition re-interpretation of the ever-green 'East Of The River Nile' rhythm, made famous by Augustus Pablo's melodica cut... possibly one of the most deep and spiritual roots tunes to come out of Jamaica at the time...

It's a tough rhythm to touch, but Soul Sugar and Mr Gee did it, they did it spectacularly well - the instruments sit just right, and it's not a cliché funk version either... Both the straight rhythm cut and the version really do the original justice, whilst adding extra pace, melodic intricacies and a slightly tighter feel on the drums -

Put short, this is a righteous remix of a righteous classic.

Be fast if you want one.

Soul Sugar - East Of The River Nile

Soul Sugar - River Nile (Version)