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Misto Mame

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Fully fact-checked sonic account on what s been going on at some point at some latitude to some degree from Rome based Misto Mame collective. Delayed better than never!

Delayed information, out of date:
Mediatic audio evidence of the year 2020 (2 d.C.) summarised and reiterated through the most varied delays for about two hours. Bootleg of “Rassegna stampa ritardata” cured by SOUNDOF???REPUBBLICA aired on "Trasmissioni da Roma Est - Presidio Radiofonico" for Radio Bad Peace @Fanfulla 5/a.

Post-media radio proposal inspired by the "Delayed Information Theory" elaborated by Mikhail Bavarov between 1980 and 1991 and described by the slavic film-maker and video designer Asimov Kruzov SOUNDOF???REPUBBLICA is a plunder-phonic project, ephemeral and iconoclastic, born on 4/03/2018.

Shitty music x shitty governance; perfomance anti-collettive. And now, some healthy fact-checking!

Tv resampling, abusive mixtape e terrorist journalism: copyleft not authorised, containing audio e music we do not own any copyrights of.
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Artwork by Lapo Sorride
Layout e MANIFESTO by Joan La Faim

Numeri...Numeri Pesanti!

10032020 – 290402020

30042020 – 21062020

Numeri... Numeri Di Ieri...