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Special Occasion - The Word

Low Company

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Absolute top-a-top vinyl issue of some real honest DIY rhythms from Special Occasion coming via Low Company...

Check the words, listen to the clips... Niceness will ensue.

'Pristine rhythm and blooz for fugitive hearts from David C. Gray and Guy Gormley, originally released as a tape on Jolly Discs last year. The Word’s sleek, synthetic urban pastorals collapse the space between the OCD pop geometries of Pyrolator, the opaque art-ache of Eno’s Before & After Science, and the sloooooow, sweet seduction of choice Jam & Lewis productions. Romantic but ever so slightly paranoid, all muted lovelorn horns, sighing synths and playful bossa/house-wise drum loops, it’s true DIY in that it simply suits itself.

Mostly instrumental, it's bookended by two Gray-sung songs, 'The Hours I Wait' and the title track: drifting, downbeat, quietly devastating things, with a blue-eyed soul vibe judged just right (down-at-heel not flash with cash), and echoes of Scritti, The Blue Nile, Gareth Williams, Disco Inferno, Fish From Tahiti… but really the The Word has a sadness and sway all its own, and above all it feels OF THE NOW: with tight, tucked-in arrangements and ultra-lucid production (a Gormley trademark, but especially apparent here) that leaves just enough space to dream. '

A1 Save
A2 The Hours I Wait
A3 Duet
A4 Paparazzi Stakeout
B1 Father Brown
B2 Visions
B3 Window Illusion
B4 The Word


The Hours I Wait


Paparazzi Stakeout