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Spectre - Ruff Kutz


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Re-stock of this gem! If you missed out on the o.g release, you can make right of wrongs now >>

Re-mastered from original late 90s DAT tape - Comes in silver sleeve with double sided insert, PAN spoil us rotten by reissuing the Ruff Kutz tape, straight outta the NYC underground in the late 90s (94-98 to be precise) and previously only available in a cassette edition of 100.

Spread over two discs, totalling around 90 minutes - WordSound label founder Spectre pieces together a lop sided patchwork of beats, spoken word intros, live jams and cuts. Laced by true left of centre emcees, the Nochexx and Madteo collaborator (these days at least) Sensational brings his unique, non-flow to the table alongside prime era Jungle Brothers, Mr Dead and Kevin Martin (yes that Kevin Martin).

The vast majority of tracks on here were either unreleased, dubplates or edits, a real treat for the crate diggers and those that want the best possible introduction to the seedy underbelly of underground NY hip-hop a-la 1990. If you dig the likes of the Anticon crew, Sage Francis and have a penchant for lo-fi beats, this is most certainly for you!

I know we say this a lot but we have tried and tested it - you can loose a good few evenings in this one!

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