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Spooky Bizzle - Haunted Joyride / General Riddim

Oil Gang

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Bashy grime mutations from Spooky w/ the Haunted Joyride anthem, and the big bad General Riddim, on a marbled 10" for Oil Gang -

A nod to the o.g dancehall rhythm Joyride, not a 1 for 1 riddim re-rub, but taking in elements, at the very least in style & fashion.
This is proper dancehall meets grime, from one of the original grime dons from back in the day - and it makes complete sense because we all know dancehall is the pre-cursor to grime.

Flipside, Rodigan shouting out Ninjaman, and leading the way for a proper rootical grime link-up - big reggae bassline vibes on this, with a bit of extra dutty bass in there for good measure.

Absolutely big - if you know what's good for you.

Haunted Joyride

General Riddim