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Spooky - Snow Forest / Funky Dub

Oil Gang

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A proper grime dubplate anthem from Spooky around 2006, and a big tune with the Slew Dem crew over the years, Oil Gang did the correct thing and got this one pressed up for further rotation -

Play this one loud, don't be silly.

Snow Forest is exactly that kind of raw, undiluted grime that will never be topped, if you ask us -
Minimalistic drum work (But each hit comes correct, trust us on that) and pure focus and energy on that negative space around the bassline, drums and that midi string melody (if you don't like it, bite it) -
This is that raw London energy from around that time that you don't, and won't get nowhere else.
Funky Dub on the flip is nice too, and good reminder of that time when grime and uk funky were still sitting even more side by side and crossing over for a few years.

Check what the Oil Gang HQ had to say about this when they first dropped this record a couple years ago:

"This record is special release for the label. It’s a tune I have been chasing for years and just had to get released so that everybody can own a copy. Originally written in 2006, Snow Forest was a Slew Dem anthem and when I got to know Spooky in 2009 it was one of the first tunes I asked him for. Rarely given out to anyone, it was one of my favourite dubs but I always dreamt of putting it out on my label. After finding the original CD that Spooky gave me back in 2010 the time was right to finally get it pressed up on vinyl and in the shops.

Backed with Funky Dub, a tune from 2009 that still gets a massive reaction, This release shows that good music is timeless.

Support from Slimzee, Grandmixxer, General Courts, Trends"

Snow Forest

Funky Dub