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Cassette release of bonkers conceptual sonics from R.Schwarz on the Mudblob Tapes label entitled "Self-Propelled-Sound-Particles No.1" LTD to 50 copies only.

Coming like a domesticated Chris Watson the A-side of this cassette is made from a patchwork of long-term field recordings by Schwarz of the common housefly. Paring down hours of recordings into a narrative work built to accentuate the fascinating variety of sounds he has captured from a seemingly mundane and meagre sound source. The breadth of timbres on display here is astonishing as you get lulled in by the recording (weighing in at over 19 mins) you forget what the sound source is and come to appreciate it as a constantly shifting texture.

On the flip side Schwarz has interpreted the data of the original recording and extrapolated rhythms and melodies which he has converted into control voltage data to drive a series of oscillators and filters on his customised modular synth like some mad scientist.

This release proves that while it is nice to have a fully stocked studio, you don't need all the latest gear and technology to make music, sometimes all you need is a microphone and a fly!

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Side A Clip

Side B Clip