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SRS - aka Sunun x Robin Stewart - on their righteous home Bokeh Versions, in fine style -

With more than a few tears of joy, we are overjoyed to present to you here, one of the best Bristolian combinations we could think of: Sunun and Robin Stewart, on BKV.
A duo that speak to each other via heart, soul, faders, buttons & power circuits, and the occasional microphone interaction.
A pairing that can coax beauty in the eyes of the beholder, out of dirt, filth and dankness, like no other.

Putting those machines to work, coaxing the gnarliest body music & industrial dub out of the speakers and into our ears, the two have now come forward with their 'debut proper', unveiling their first blueprint of intentions, opening the gates on those mystery shrouded outings on ATC compilations, and leading us down endless stairways into regions unknown.

"Sludge machine music slapped through the infinite mixing desk by SRS - the combined mind of Sunun and Robin Stewart. At any point Data Fossil’s giddy industrial riddims could collapse under their own weight. There are Sunun inputs and there are Robin Stewart inputs - but everything is offered up to their machines gladly for an output of nu-human-beat. Voices drift through the mix in hushed Italian and Robin’s gruff roboticized drawl, floating dub chords left hanging for cavernous subs and rattled bones, distant harps and arps, a sudden blast of trills. ‘Spit Fossil’ itself is a clipped noise-pop wonder - the aural equivalent of a lights-on Avon dancefloor with only the weirdest left standing.

Recorded on the rooftop of a housing project called Camelot in 2018, the two Bristol locals debuted the live / unplanned collaboration in an inflatable arena called ‘Toldo’ in the Brunswick Club ballroom (RIP). Then again at Young Echo at the Cube Microplex - a night where it’s said anything is possible (Sunun even dubbed Guest's live human heartbeat there recently….). If Data Fossil is hard to describe - it’s just the sound of the musical freedom of a city that will never run dry."

As we write these last words, to sum up what's already been so aptly said by BKV Operator M above, we find ourselves nervously twitching on our chair, fiending for volume, agonising over the fact that there are many soundsystems going cold in storage right now, and that the familiar smell of last nights sweat & beer inside our venues, is by now the smell of yesteryear, and is slowly, in many cases turning into a more grave smell of death, probably reeking at putrid levels that even the most determined won't be able to bring back to life.

Yet, hearing these sounds gives us hope. No matter how fucked up this world may get, how dirty certain reptilian puppets and puppeteers can make us feel in our complicity, no matter how disheartened we feel by those constant, over-riding actions of those with power, with money, tanked up on greed, fuelled by hate, blinded by ego....
On the third continuous replay of this record, we're ready for anything that is to come.
Let it all burn, we'll be dancing in the fire, and we'll use that fire as a torch when night time comes.

"Part of the proceeds, will be donated towards Bristol, St. Paul's long-standing music venue & community centre 'Malcom X'."

Edition of 300, served on 180gsm heavyweight vinyl, for full sonic impact.
Stickered & designed by BKV Industrial.

1: "Left Possessed" (3:37)
2."DIT" (5:07)
3. "Spit Fossil" (3:46)
Side 2
1. "Spit Fossil" (dub) (4:05)
2. "Growing" (9:27)


Spit Fossil

Spit Fossil (Dub)