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Sta'Sax / Saah Karim - Skank To Azania / Gunman Sound


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Stamina Li aka Sta'Sax alongside Saah Karim on Amoul-Bayi Records -

It's nice to see another record with Sta'Kulcha aka Stamina Li aka Sta'Sax on it, one half of Kibir La Amlak and also a hard-working rootsman - pushing the music via his record-stalls at various soundsystem across the UK.

This one comes via the Amoul Bayi Records imprint and it features Saah Karim on vocals, and Sta'Sax for for the Saxophone cut...

Proper upful steppers business here, with a nice bit of melody and a heavy bassline to boot.

Two cuts per side - vocal, sax, and dubwise mixes.


Sta'Sax - Skank To Azania / Dubwise

Saah Karim - Gunman Sound / Dubwise

Skank To Azania