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Steaua De Mare - LP

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Recommended to us by our friend from Bucharest -

We are very glad to have been made aware of this record.
A fully unique, honest and refreshing reinterpretation of contemporary gypsy music known as 'manele' - meaning 'turkish song' in romanian - a sound that frequents the balkans with many eager ears pointed towards it.

The group consisting of Bogdan Stoian (violin, synths) Andrei Dinescu (percussion, drums, violin, synths) Ion Dumitrescu (bass, synths, drum-machines, drums) Horațiu Ș (synths, electric piano) Eugen Imecs (drums, percussion) named themselves Steaua De Mare after a 60's seaside complex in one of the now fading Black Sea resorts Eforie Nord.

Aesthetically (check the brilliantly bland youtube video to 'babadag' posted below) and musically inspired by the aura of pre '89 revolution communist life and bygone entertainment, Steaua De Mare fuse traditional scales and tones with an analogue approach and psychadelic, dubbed-out tendencies.
The outcome is well balanced and brilliantly obscure, out-dated yet futuristic... a truly compelling listen and not at all short on musicality either.

Roland Juno 60, Yamaha CS-5, Elektronika EM-25, Junost-21, Poly 61 and Wurlitzer electric Piano are amongst the gear used in the two combined studios that the group utilized in Bucharest, Romania during the recordings of the self-titled ep.

A1 Prolog
A2 Valuri
A3 Ork-style
A4 Babadag
B1 Doamne Ce Greșeală Am
B2 În Afara Programului
B3 Doină Cosmică
B4 Studiu Manea

Steaua de Mare - Doamne ce greșeală am

Steaua de Mare - După ce au plecat pescărușii

Steaua de Mare - Steaua de Mare

Steaua de Mare - În afara programului