• Steel an' Skin - Afro Punk Reggae Dub

Steel an' Skin - Afro Punk Reggae Dub

Honest Jon's

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Absolutely essential disco/dub styles on 12" from Steel an' Skin, on HJ -

Glistening Steel drums and fluid percussion bounce along in a disco-meets-dub stylee, infused with a healthy dose of African rhythm. Standing still to this is just unbelievably hard!

Steel an’ Skin, a unit composed of young musicians from Africa, the Carribean and the U.K. who have been associated with Ginger Johnson’s Afrikan Drummers, a Highlife Band based in London, around the famous Honest Jon’s base at Ladbroke Grove, lay down two absolutely joyous tracks and a raw and heady tribal drum excursion made in the late seventies...

It’s a great thing that these have been pressed onto 12” giving these all the space in the groove that they deserve.

Pure class.

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