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Steven Simpson - ND

Ten Pills Mate

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>>sticker on sleeve and sticker as an insert<<

Tooth grinding three tracker of acid jams from the Glaswegian yung gun Steven Simpson on the week's best titled label - Ten Pills Mate, a homage to sweaty basements and the glory days of acid techno.

Up top is the no frills titled 'untitled Acid', working 303 phrases between raw and fuzzed out drum tracks, it's straight to business. ND is a real jam, scuffed and tickling the red but with alkali atmospherics smoothing off the jagged edges. Midway through the straight kicks get swung and the filter opens and things get a little nastier.

Frayed chords announce the main event - 'Chicagoacid' stretches out over the entirety of the B side at 33, easily worth the asking price for this track alone - sunkissed acid lines gliding over glassy pads propelled by brittle drums - as laid back as when the Valium takes over from the, well, you know...

You got a lighter mate?

Untitled Acid