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Stigma - Way Too Long

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Kristian Jabs aka Pessimist, aka Soft Boi and other wicked monikers such as Boreal Massif alongside collaborators from around the UVB-76 hub in BRS, is at it once again, in fine style, channeling ghosts and demons of breakbeat-fuelled, trip-heavy music through time & space, with this dread-laden, chug-heavy, bass-injected LP under the name 'Stigma', with a righteous amount of awareness towards mental health issues in the UK, and charity action to counteract these problems of city life and govt. oppression.

‘Too Long’ is a 7 track album project enlisting a prolific cast of collaborators in the form of L, Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Napalm Death, JK Flesh), Taylor E Burch (Tropic Of Cancer, DVA Damas) and Karim Maas.

"Too Long clocks in at almost 40 minutes of personally reflective, intimately authentic cyber-noir-esque trip hop.
Industrial anarcho breaks, syncopated sleaze, analogue call and response. Too long is a tale of texture, feel and tone. Unadulterated.

Aiming to shine a light on the relationship between poverty and mental health issues in the UK, all proceeds from the album will be donated to Second Step Bristol, a charity dedicated to supporting people with mental health problems, gently acknowledging the possibilities for change."

For real, chuck us some pounds so we can shift these, and we'll make a donation too.

Killer stuff, served up in a first-time sleeve art from video-artist Max Kelan Pearce.

1. Madureira 06:47
2. Acid Rain 02:07
3. Believe In Me Ft. L 06:32
4. Listening Now 06:06
5. No Garden Ft. Justin K Broadrick 06:15
6. Advertised Ft. Taylor E Burch 08:00
7. Society Ft. Karim Maas 03:38

Acid Rain

Believe In Me Ft. L

No Garden - (feat Justin K Broadrick)

Society - (feat Karim Maas)