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Stonecirclesampler - Megalithic Grime Radio Documentary


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Special edition of the latest NoCorner cassette from Stonecirclesampler, including the cassette and of course, the a3 Risograph printed poster - only 15 of these exist - all designed by Studio Tape-Echo, and carefully printed at 16Tonne Press.


Megalithic rave documents emerging from the recent past, slap bang in the middle of an esoteric starchart that's forming around labels like Industrial Coast and Ceramics (via Goblin Gathering).

Stonecirclesampler / half of Iceman Junglist Kru delivers smudged mystical 'ardkore drum'n'steppas weaved around loosely topical samples and bass pulsation. Avebury was the original club, with no lateral flow tests and undercover cops - and this was the soundtrack we should have had.

It shouldn't work but it really does - clipped soundbites from Julian Cope's Modern Antiquarian (the great ROCKumentary that sadly only lasted one episode) carcrashing with futuristic slowwwweeed downnnnnn boomssssss, medieval amen breaks and marshlike ambience. Subconsciously I think we're learning something about both the distant past and the-future-to-come all at once. Just don't call it hauntological.....

All tracks were made in collaboration with Frozen Border / Arcola alumni Bone Head. It's yet another equally puzzling lead on this release that ultimately leads us back to this question: if you played the last 20 years of club music directly into the stones at Stanton Drew, is this EXACTLY what they would play back to you?

A side features a continuous, immersive mix of the the megalithic material.
B side features the single tracks.

Special Edition of 15, served with the cassette + A3 risograph poster, designed by Studio Tape-Echo and printed at 16 Tonne Press.

Risograph printed J-Card.
Onbody print on the tape.
Includes DL code for the individual tracks.

Scratch your head, press play, get edified.
Special Edition -

Edition of 15, A3 risopgraph

Cassette with Risograph printed inlay

Stone Circles Ft. Bone Head

Icy Movie Theatres Ft. Bone Head

Sad Skeletons Ft. Bone Head

Strategies For Avoiding Engagement Ft. Bone Head