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Stranger Cole - Time Is Now


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Deadly Wackies excursion on Lee Perry's Tight Spot rhythm...

Sharp-shooting version excursions via the Wackies stable, with Stranger Cole and Leroy Sibbles of the Heptones on vocals, with expert musical delivery throughout, and added syndrum overdubs added for extra punch.

Originally out in '75 as a Heptones piece, this Wackies record came out a few years later and features Stranger Cole on vocals... Now reissued in conjunction with the Basic Channel / Hard Wax crew.

It's a wholly magnificent thing, beautifully understated in it's rocksteady / early reggae demeanour, with all instruments played in cool & deadly style... Even the vocals are so restrained and full of assured funk, that the thing almost feels kind of haunting... Those sneaky Saxophone, Piano and Trumpet twirls in the background come lurking out of the shadows while the guitar section comes like a flashlight on constant watch, as the rhythm rocks and strides in tough, heavyweight roots fashion...

70's - 80's Kingston / NYC finesse!

Stranger Cole - Time Is Now

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