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Strategy returns from the stars with the long awaited 8-track LP for Idle Hands -

We've had our ears wrapped around this for some time now, getting stuck into the beautifully stretched out sounds of Strategy's 'Seeds Of Paradise' LP, eagerly anticipating the release.

It's a step away from the more dancefloor-orientated sounds that Idle Hands usually push, delving further into ambient psychadelia, yet it feels very relevant and coherent to the label - and also Portland & Bristol's musical stance - the lineage of UK soundsystem music - from Dub to Hardcore / Jungle is still very transparent here...

But of course it's interweaved with Strategy's signature palette - filtered chords and glowing reverbs spread their shimmer across each track, it's definitely a floaty affair - the references to interstellar travel on the insert page seem very apt - it seems as if the atmospheres shift in mid-air, ready to disperse in various directions, anchored only by sporadic burst of bass frequency and sparse rhythms.

There is a constant movement, the frequent shifts in the music and it's fine details make it a very rewarding listen, Its' restrained attitude reveals the deepest layers and most spacious atmospheres... Definitely a great home listening piece, but that being said - these tracks could also easily inject interest into a DJ set... We love to hear these in the mix.

Do yourself a favour and wrap your ears around this, preferably with some herbal tea in hand, sat by your hifi, in the sweet-spot.

Mastered by Lewis at Star Delta.

Packaged in a stickered, reversed board sleeve.
Contains yellow A4 B&W insert.

1 Blackberry's Dream
2 Virtual America
3 Milepost
4 Seeds of Paradise
5 Wiggle Room
6 Earthgazing
7 Always Coming Home
8 The Wet Room

Clips Side 1

Clips Side 2