• Strategy - What If?

Strategy - What If?

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On WHAT IF? Paul Dickow aka Strategy leads the listener into a dewy, labyrinth of rhythms that pulse and blister against an ever changing palate of sounds.

Each track is steeped in a strong tradition of hardware based techno explorations, DIY circuitry, and traces of radiophonic tape loop experimentation.

High quality metal cassette with full colour artwork in a clear case.
Mastered by Pete Swanson, dubbed in house to cassette via a Marantz PMD430, and individually duplicated on a TELEX Stereo Copyette II for maximum fidelity.

Limited to 50!

1: VidM
2: Valentines Dub
3: Squid City
4: Baroque Inferno
5: Six #3
7: Liston Phase
8: The Party's Over
9: SWIC-10

Strategy - VidM

Strategy - Valentines Dub

Strategy - Petit What If

Strategy - Squid City