• Strategy - World House

Strategy - World House

Community Library

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Straight outta Portland -

Strategy makes musical moves on his own Community Library imprint,

World House, kickstarts the disc in upbeat style & fashion, complete with live bass and guitar licks, sounding like a nigerian highlife recording session put through the sampler and beefed up for soundsystem use.
Glowing with rhythm and shining with musicality, it's a dancefloor affair that's hard to refuse.

Brilliantly detailed, this track will grow on you with each listen, each time the runs through the grooves.

On the flip, we embrace a similar palette -

Organic instrumentation and rhythmic qualities... The recipe is full of flavour but it's the final touches that accomplish the dish.

Best served to an up-for-it crowd, or when feeling like upliftment is in order!

Great 12".

Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering.
Served in printed Disco Sleeve.

World House

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