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Streetboxxer - Shogun / Beneath Remix

Kings Chamber

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Kings Chamber come correct once again, sending us a box packed with this killer new 7” from Samo DJ and Hidden Operator under their combined Streetboxxer alias, pressing up with a badbwoy remix by none other than the O.G. Beneath.

What a wicked 7”.

The Streetboxxer original cut on the A side lets ruff’d up, up-for-it casio drums work a heap of bounce against a mighty spooked out synth arp sequence (including a real nice eski-type switch up on the melody). It’s a real infectious, energetic type of tune, packed with enough v-i-b-e-s to make it go down well at any type of scenario, and sound good on any type of soundsystem, wether on a shitty pub Hifi, in the dancehall or at your local klub. There’s real low-slung bass drum chug going on, and the whole thing is sounding somewhere in between late 80’s Jamaican digital gear, 0800 Dub, and a kind of ruffneck synth pop / indstrial drum machine attitude… But it’s an original flavour in itself really, and there’s a good dose of fun in there too, which adds to the mix nicely.

Flipside, we have No Symbols boss Beneath on the buttons with a big re-work of Shogun, taking things into step-mode with extra chug and heads-down nod, upping the spook levels into something more darkside and sub-loaded, keeping true to the foundations of his deep well of UKF influenced techno productions with which he first reared his head back then, whilst keeping a fresh approach that’ll bang in 2k21 and beyond - just make sure the lights are dimmed, and bring an extra layer because it’s about to get icey.

This latest 7” disc adds to a fine catalogue of skewed dancehall and rhythm showers from the Kings Chamber label ever since they kicked off the label with that ‘So Fly’ 7” including the Tapes Remix, many moons ago. That one’s also still a big favourite here too, and it would probably work real nice in the mix alongside this new one! Give it a go! -

Basically what we’re saying here is: this is the good ish, and it should be in your 7” box pronto, really.

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Streetboxxer - Shogun

Streetboxxer - Shogun (Beneath Remix)