• Stuart Chalmers / Nick Edwards - Split

Stuart Chalmers / Nick Edwards - Split

Feral Tapes

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Split Cassette spanning 60mins of hardcore D.I.Y. experimentalism by Nick Edwards, the Bristolian producer also known as Ekoplekz / Ensemble Skalectrik and Stuart Chalmers aka Scarabee.

A 30 minute venture into the depths of the dub-underworld awaits us on Edwards' side, 'Reflectograph Suite' was originally realised as part of his performance at the Unsound Festival, Krakow and the Wassaic Project in New York, both alongside video artist Jade Boyd, back in 2011.
For this cassette, we are faced with extra material recorded during that year, specifically spliced and edited for this tape.
The outcome is, as usual with Nick Edwards' work, as organic and hands-on as it gets... Chains of echo-units, f*cked guitar pedals and fuzzy cables, expertly manipulated to form a sonic product that is as engaging as it is interesting.
Take it or leave it, it's decimated music at it's rawest form.

Flip the tape and the reels reveal Stuart Chalmers 'Subterranea Parts 1-4'...
Recorded using 3 cassette tape players and pedals, the outcome is as unexpected and sonically rewarding as you'd hope... Reversed tape reels and unsettling delay patterns seem to reveal snippets of familiar tracks, but the uncertainty prevails as the clouds of musical mystery cast shadows over any glimpses of light you may encounter during the journey.

Heavily Recommended!

Limited to 80 Cassettes.
No digital.
Designed by Dan Ward and printed by the Print Project.

Nick Edwards - Side 1 Clip

Stuart Chalmers - Side 2 Clip