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Certificate 18

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Paul Arnold's seminal Certificate 18 label restarts proceedings with a much needed repress of some, er, pressure from Studio Pressure, perhaps better known as Photek.

This dropped way back in 1993 and has been out of press for literally decades - changing hands for a ton second hand and even some hopeful chaps listing it for 500 quid on discogs. Forget p!ssing off your landlord by not paying rent this month to get the original press and get this in yer bag.

Jump is obviously the main event here, that classic Photek minimalism rolling out over a whole side, it still sound fresh now so we can only imagine how far ahead of the curve it was when hardcore was morphing into jungle. Ice cold and fresh to death. Bang this in the mix with some of your D&B records or with some of the new wave jungle mutations from the likes of Sully or Etch and you're well and truly in business.

Don't Worry and Know Yourself on the flip show their hardcore roots with proper hands in the air melodies and vocal chops - reach for the lasers.


Don't Worry

Know Yourself