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Suba - Wayang

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Totally gripping, hypnotic & mesmerising rhythm-trips from 1995, by Serbian artist Mitar Subotić aka Rex Ilusivi, aka Suba - pressed up in all it's greatness on Vladimir Ivkovic's Offen Music imprint...

Recorded during time spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil, amongst the hazy mix of middle eastern (or eastern european perhaps?) vocals there are perhaps traces of South America's rhythmic leanings and the sunken grooves of the 90's here, but then we also have the obscured sample work or even the pacey techno-akin grooves in the later part of the record - The vinyl all flows as one by the way, nonstop journey-ing - but as a whole the record feels so transcendental and hard to pin-down to a time or place... It's much more relatable to imaginative ideas of exoticism and meditation in rhythm & frequency, at once feeling ancient and steeped in our DNA, whilst time-travelling through fragmented string melodies, distressed & estranged vocal synth & sample abstractions, rainforest ambience and percussive excursions via inward, eyes-closed ventures into totally hallucinogenic territory...

And it's this latter part that makes it all feel so timeless to us, the sound swerves in and out of it's familiar attributes with such ease that it is not long before you are lost in the midst of it once again, wondering where you are, but not really looking for an exit - too busy enjoying the thrill of this strange, entrancing world of sound and rhythm.

This is really great gear for all time-tripping rhythm afficionados and seekers of the weird & wonderful, do yourself a favour and step in to the world of 'Wayang'.

Served in lush printed sleeve, 11 tracks all cut into one continuous groove across two LP discs.

Wayang 01

Wayang 11

Wayang 08

Wayang 07