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Suckdog - Drugs Are Nice

Post Materialization Music

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First ever cassette release of Suckdog's infamous 'Drugs Are Nice' -
Imported straight from St. Petersburg, Russia via PMM.

Initially self-released on the Suckdog imprint in the late 80's, then reissued on CD and LP over the years via Psycho Acoustic Music, Nut Music and Dero Arcade, the thing is now available on cassette, 29 years later (the perfect format for this, surely!?) via the DIY project 'Post Materialization Music' from Russia.

Musically speaking, this might be the artefact that contains 'the least fucks given'. And we welcome that notion. It's a refreshing reminder for the counter-cultural importance that music and art have carried over the years, comprising of Wife (Lisa Suckdog, also famous for her writings) and husband Costes (actor, performance artist and noise musician) 'Drugs Are Nice' is a very human, totally DIY recording that exhales the most raw of punk attitude in a junkyard, trash-can, broken guitar strings, kind of fuck-your-music-this-is-my-music kind of way, an at once confusing and hilarious storyteller of an album that displays a personal side into the Suckdog way of life across short-burst pieces of music, speach (poetry?), noises, tape recordings and anything else - there are no rules here.
It's an invitation to Suckdogs twisted and refreshingly free way of doing things... Do you dare enter? You might encounter deafening drums and jarring screams, coughs, splutters and melody making machines, whilst Lisa recalls freaky moments giggling about being naked walking around town, high as kite, chopping into saturated tape recordings of on-stage madness... Or was it all in the backyard? No idea. And the constant intrigue amongst the filth, shouting, chatting, beer-spilling and hot-boxing is quite beautiful actually.
Wether you like it or not... this is a refreshing breath of air amongst a slew of very serious art and music of this modern day.
Something for those who appreciate a more human side to the story, totally naked and proudly uncovered, you are welcome to join the party of course, but remember no fucks will be given for you or your neighbour.

File (or pile) along with The Bots, Autobitch, Riot Grrrl etc etc.

Fuck yea.

Limited edition, with DL code.
Pro-dubbed in Moscow, originally recorded 'all over USA and France, 1988 & 1989'.

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