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SUDS - Sick Universe Demands Sharing


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Top, top combo styles on Hank Jackson's 'Anno' imprint, between veteran darkside junglist Christoph De Babalon, and the wicked & wild Wilted Woman!

Seeing this record on the distro sheet was a real nice surprise.
We're fans of both artists, and heard rumours about them getting in the studio together - It's an exciting combo, and we had no idea what the outcome might sound like, but now that we're hearing it... it makes sense.
CDB's fractured drums & cloudy atmospherics find solace amongst WW's twisted melodies and tripped out fx, and together they seek out deep, dubwise bruk rhythms and darkside rollers that somehow still ooze a certain human warmth and light, despite their stealthy, sub-loaded attitude.
Melodies & arrangements feel refreshingly organic & un-quantised - perhaps due to the collaborative nature which often exposes a less over-deliberated, more 'human' approach in musicians due to a more face-to-face, often more fast-paced creative approach which can leave aside some of the anxieties solo musicians face when deciding on the progress of their music.
That's not to say that the solo work of the two lacks these qualities at all (make sure you check them out in full if you haven't yet - they're both very real and very unique) - but this record does sound like a collaborative record made by two (talented) human beings, most probably in the same room, vibe'ing over their unhinged, delightfully twisted soundsystem music explorations, and we like that.

Title track 'Shuttlecock Fanfare' with it's almost Memphis Rap / West Coast style b-line presents a hefty opening track that is worth the admission price alone, and should demand the attention of all dancers who like to sway with swagger and those DJ's who like to provide. 'Trauerweide' with it's swirling synths and circulating drum work sounds like that 'e' just kicked in (and reminds us of early Peverelist in the best way).
'Sad And Done' is the 4am cut, scrambling for your brains on the dancefloor, still rushing - give your friends a quick hug before we depart into deepest of off-kilter dub worlds, with the tear-jerking tremolo on those chords 'Mirage March', the final (and perhaps finest?) lays bare. Fans of Sunun, John T. Gast, Golden Teacher, Boreal Massif should take special note of this one.

Top record for club play, but also a real pleasure on the home turntable -
you'll be back for rewinds on this one, no doubt!

Edition of 300, in stickered sleeve.

Shuttlecock Fanfare


Sad And Done

Mirage March