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Sueño Sueño - Tapas

Mind Records

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Okay then, solid outlier this one.

MIND Records continue their infallible selection of oddball picks with the first vinyl issue of possibly the only cod-Latin al fresco 80’s warm-wave swelter, previously only on cassette in 83'.

A whirlwind of human sounds with an undefinable catalyst or birthplace - proper transnational oddball vibes for all those who like their bass & drum lashed with a vitalising dose of freak sonics.

There’s a pleasing dissonance in the subtly camp salsa-synth stylings, blowing a refreshing breeze over the musky realm of 80s-wave reissues.
Properly crucial for anyone interested in the more Balearic end of industrial music (it’s a thing, honestly).

If you feel these:
Amos and Sara - Invite to Endless Latino, Don The Tiger, Nzumbe, Brenda Ray, Maximum Joy....
you might just feel this Sueño Sueño biz!

12" LP, varnished 350g premium quality paper sleeve - it's a keeper.

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