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Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure LP

17 North Parade

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Hit-filled compilation LP of all-time classics & underrated gems from the 1&only Sugar Minott.

RIP Sugar Minott. One of the greatest voices in the whole of reggae music, and known widely as a local legend, who always made sure to look after the youth in the Ghetto in Kingston where he himself was raised, a recording artist that worked harder than most - just check his discography, he has done it all - From working with the Abyssinians in the late 60's, to working with Coxsone, Sly & Robbie and Rupie Edwards, through to recording at Channel One Studios, forming his own label and soundsystem, you get the idea....

He did all this whilst keeping a (typically Jamaican) DIY ethos along the way, even leaving the highly respected Studio One Studio to form his own Black Roots label, which continued to release some of the most important reggae music in time, and then going on to forming the all-important Youthman Promotion Soundsystem with the aim of giving young artists a voice, and raising them up to make their own careers - Ranking Joe being one example of the artists to work with Sugar who then became big artists in their own right.

Anyway, this humble soul shines through in the music - Sugar has produced some of the most heartfelt, even heart breaking songs of all time -
We'll just leave one example here... The title track 'Hard Time Pressure'.
Play that one at good volume, all the way from start to finish, and try tell us it's not a stunner of a tune.
Oh, and we didn't even mention 'Informer' yet... (well, we did now).

Side One:
1. My Love Is True
2. Hard Time Pressure
3. River Jordan
4. Never Gonna Give Jah Up
5. Good Thing Going

Side Two:
1. International Herb
2. All Kinda People
3. Informer
4. Feel The Rydim
5. Rub A Dub Sound

Hard Time Pressure

International Herb


Never Gonna Give Jah Up