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Sun Ra - Live In East Berlin 1986

Post Materialization Music

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Import business straight from the Post Materialization HQ in Russia!

the first, and perhaps only ever Russian release of Sun Ra material, 32 years on, this special limited edition riso-printed, D.I.Y. to the bone, cassette re-release of the original 1986 El Saturn Records issue comes as a very welcome surprise indeed.

Containing all the material from the 'Live In East Berlin 1986' recordings, the cassette comes loaded with 40 minutes of absolute Sun Ra magic. As you'd expect - space-proof, accomplished, loaded to the brim with lifeforce and joyful noise, it's a true jazz masterclass of performance and musicianship, all recorded in the free-spirited ways of the Sun Ra Arkestra, at the historical venue Friedrichspalast in East Berlin.

Straight from the smokey Headquarters of the excellent Post Materialization Music HQ in Russia, we got sent a box of these DIY-to-the-bone (but entirely official!) tapes, along with the reissues of the underground classic 'Drugs Are Nice' by Suckdog, and a few of the Sun City Girls tapes... all of 'em packaged with riso-print inserts and printed onbody... A very personal venture, dealing with some of the more momentous moments in the history of 'DIY music'.

Edition of 200, includes DL code.
Riso printed J-Cards (just as the original release).
Printed cassette onbody.

Mystic Prophecy/Beyond The Wilderness Of Shadows/Preulde To A Kiss (16:46mins)
Interstellar Lo-Ways/Space Is The Place/We Travel The Spaceways/Shadow World/Rocket #9/Second Stop Is Jupiter (23:05mins)

Prelude To A Kiss

Interstellar Lo-Ways

Space Is The Place

We Travel The Space Ways