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Sun Ra - Media Dreams

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Legendary, cult recordings from Sun Ra, around '78, in Italy, alongside newly acquired, ultra-rare 'Crunmar' synth (& early drum machine!) -

Reissued via Art Yard, this is another special piece of 'Ra history, from some of his most crucial recording eras around the late 70's, where he took Jazz to new forms, not shy to perturb the purists and explore new technologies, in keeping with the unrestricted 'freedoms' that the term 'free jazz' should allow.

Seen by many as the companion to his cult 'Disco 3000' release (partly due to the similar instrumentation, and the time of recording), this record sees Sun Ra in quartet mode with John Gilmore, Michael Ray (trumpet) and the minimal but perfect Luqman Ali (drums).
What makes this stand out from some of his other works, and indeed many jazz works from around that time, is the restrained, stripped back approach, led by pure experimentation and a fascination for 'new' sound.
From wigged-out synth solos by Sun Ra, through to the rudimentary drum & melodic templates of said Crunmar synth, we are left to go cross-eyed and into trance for various moments of this LP - but we're also treated to moments of solace and (extra terrestrial) harmony, with each of the players getting their moment to explore time and sound, both as solo stars and as an entity of four -

it's a beautifully paced affair, filled with intrigue, madness and peppered with the undeniable genius of Sun Ra, and his peers.

A perfect blend between the avant-garde and the more esoteric, meditative sides of Sun Ra -
this LP is a crucial testament to an important time for exploratory music, crossing borders between acoustic and electronic.

1. Saturn Research
2. Constellation
3. Yera Of The Sun
4. Media Dreams
5. Twigs At Twilight
6. An Unbeknowneth Love

Saturn Research

Year Of The Sun

Twigs At Twilight

Media Dreams