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Sunun - Light EP

Idle Hands

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The one Sunun, on the one Idle Hands with this beauty of record!

Excellent to see our much loved friend and much loved musician Sunun come forward with a new disc for Bristol institution Idle Hands -
And this record, the 'Light EP' sees Sunun flex and stretch out her particular style of otherwordly dubwise, still steeped in that brooding, mysterious energy we've come to love from her, but also packed with some extra gut-punch dancehall & year 3000 steppers energy on titles such as the title track 'Light' and the belly throb bass of 'Air Force' - two track titles that suggest a more heady nature, but still shake the ground with utter force. Try playing these loud and see for yourself. Sunun comes from the school of dub and soundystem music after all! Bristol style!

Fans of Ishan Sound will also approve of the vocal synths and the hi-tek steppers patterns here... A very 'Young Echo' sounding record, if we dare say so!
Ribbon draws deeper once more, letting undulating synthesis fade it's way around bass dynamics and gunshot dynamics in a dizzying, but still somehow rather screw-faced kinda way. A great blend of moods.

Flip the disc (dub style!), and you are treated to the version excursion of the first track 'Light' - letting the origianl elements fizz and stutter through eternal amounts of space, focus on the low end, mixed live & direct on her mixing desk. Magic, this one!
Skin, the following track, is like the alien rainfall after the crash & thunder of 'Light'... Vocal pitch slides and looping harmonies circle around the subdued percussive spring reverberations, to reveal a big depth and warmth within the ice cold atmospherics, sounding like it could be inspired by her work as AMA with Jasmine / Guest and Anina, and perhaps some of the O$VMV$M output too... A kind of cross pollination we'd very much approve of, either way.

As the curtain fades on 'Red Set', it's 'lights out' and only the shimmer of harp frequency, hi-freq bass and the clattering of the cymbal and percussions are left to circle around it's own axis...
The way Sunun manages to subtly juggle the spaces between sounds and create a slow, brooding set of polyrhythmics, is such a strong, unique and utterly engrossing mood.

Masterful stuff.
This one's a trip!

Profits from the EP will be going to Ace, a charity doing 1:1 music sessions with teenagers in the local area where Sunun has been doing work

A1 Light
A2 Air Force
A3 Ribbon
B1 Light Dub
B2 Skin
B3 Red Set


Air Force