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Supercat - Ever Ready

Spring Hill Records

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Previously unreleased gem from the one Supercat alongside Jah Thomas on production, this is about as good as it gets when it comes to early-to-mid 80's dancehall from Kingston.
Produced and recorded around 1984, this is a killer cut from a young Supercat.

We were chuffed when Kalbata contacted us and told us about these two issues on his and Maor Anava's Spring Hill imprint (Also check the Jah Thomas 'Cool Profile' 7") - Even more great news when we found out we could unleash this one in upfront style and fashion! Get it here first.

Here are the words from Spring Hill about this release...

"For reasons unknown, the tune never came out and was sitting patiently for 31 years, waiting to be discovered! Taken from the original master tapes, this is by far one of Cat's fiercest tunes. A prototype to his Sleng Teng anthem 'Trash and Ready', 'Ever Ready' is a strictly Clarks Wallabies and knits ganzie affair, with Supercat calling all posses as they roll in the dance. Cool & Deadly heavyweight mix with a riddim track by the mighty Roots Radics, this 45 is simply too essential to miss!!!"
Wicked and wild dancehall style... Don't miss it.

Ever Ready