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Supreme Talent Show - Danbe

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Valuable cassette archive of the first official release from Supreme Talent Show, splicing the sounds of Kuduro, Dancehall & beyond - if you're into the sounds that Principe have been pushing of late, this is nigh on essential.

14 tracks deep it was hard to slime the selection down to 4 for the clips, rest assured it's all ace, start to finish.

High energy beats from kings of Bamako sound system street party scene, Supreme Talent Show. Cut up samples of traditional Balafones, frenetic Djembes, and talking drum, spliced together into heavy studio tracks.

Limited copies available - these'll fly!

Full Tracklist

3.Chefan Ni Bourou
4.Dalama Do
6.Ni Son Kadi feat. Yeli Fuzzo
7.Ambience feat. Djimy MC
9.Kodo Kuma Sera
10.Paix Dron
11.Rapou Sabari feat. Tata J
12.Wèrèlen Wèrèlen
13.General A.T.T.
14.Midnight Ravers - Koroni Foli

Midnight Ravers

General A.T.T.

Kodo Kuma Sera

Ni Son Kadi feat. Yeli Fuzzo