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Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? (Part I)


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Unparalleled UK sonics from the UK techno legend. Originally released in 2007 'Bad Hands Break' & 'Bad hands Pt. 2' occupy that brilliant grey area where techno and dubstep overlap. Stepping kicks and sharp snares propel this elasticated beast along at an urgent pace without sacrificing any breathing space. Part 2 is double hard, classic 90s referencing UK techno with obvious nods to his collaborative work with Regis as BMB.

The DisinVectant dislocated fingers remix adds his/hers/their trademark dystopian spoken word and almost Vex'd esque bass to the equation creating something that could only have come from the grey skies of Britain. Autechre finish off this 12 with a very DJ friendly stomping techno refix of the same track…top stuff.

Whose Bad Hands Are These?

Whose Bad Hands Are These? DisinVectant dislocated fingers remix

Whose Bad Hands Are These? Pt.2