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Swallow – Body Horror


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Alien planet construction-site field recordings & abstract illbient punk via Swallow, dished up via London's ANA crew -

Bruised drums and skeletal rhythms, or 'social deterioration vibes' as the label put it - this one's ruff & ready in all the best ways -
‘Scab Dance’ comes through like an intercepted transmission of an Outer Universal outré-rock duo, beamed in via a corrupted datastream. Abrasive & pummelling but pleasantly drifting, an eye-opening, brain-fizzing exercise in calculated distortion. B1 ‘I Came But Left’ starts with a drearily blunted & blurred vocal before an ‘03 breakcore beat kickstarts things in Scud-style, before slowly disintegrating into pastoral rave-death bliss. Opener ‘Chanuck’ recalls the howling, wide-screen soundtrack work of Mica Levi for ‘Under The Skin’, whilst ‘Open Air Pyre’ is an ominous, dystopian death-march. ‘We keep smokin stones’ sounds you’ve been pocket-dialed by a mate at a harp recital, who happens to meet their timey, brutal end whilst still on the line, pulverised by a cement mixer full of hammers. No one bats an eye.

Make sure you dig in if you dig: rock-noise visionaries Drainolith & Wolf Eyes and Avonian skuzzbeat nice-bois Third Eye Foundation & Kinlaw.

12" in stamped sleeve w/ postcard. 280 copies.

1.Chanuck 01:52
2. Scab Dance 10:05
3. I came but left 05:27
4. Open-air Pyre 04:05
5. We keep smoking stones 03:14


Scab Dance

Open Air Pyre

I came but left