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Swordman Kitala x Sekelembele - Split

Hakuna Kulala

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Kampala vocal fire meets instrumental evil via Berlin / Japan -
Swordman Kitala meets DJ Scotch Rolex, Sekelemebele meets Dj Die Soon!

Fresh out on Nyege Nyege Tapes rude sister label 'Hakuna Kulala', pressed up on a run of 400 yellow 7"s, come these two head-to-head dancehall destruktionz, with Uganda's Swordman Kitala and Sekelembe vocalists mashing down lyrics across two instrumentals from two of Japan's fiercest exports: Dj Scotch Egg (apparently 'Scotch Rolex' renamed after Kampala's hottest Fast Food spot), and Dysu, aka DJ Die Soon.

On 'Batufitina', warehouse dancehall-tek gets the raw vocal energy treatment from Swordman Kitala, summoning the demon over a raggo rhythm via Scotch Rolex -
Flip it, and DJ Die Soon whips up a frenzy of a bruk-dancehall meets trap cut, for Sekelembe to spit fire to.

This one is wicked & wild, and should please fans of hardcore dancehall and the noisier spectrum of club sonixxx too, as well as all those who love a bit of vocal raucous.
Plus, the record looks sick (boss Moroto Hvy Ind on design duties), all served on yellow disc in a printed PVC sleeve.

Crucial hevyw8 soundsystem gear for all dancehall & soundsystem punks out there.


Swordman Kitala (produced by DJ Scotch Rolex) - Batufitina

Sekelembele (Produced by Dj Die Soon) - Moto Nyama