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Sylvin Marc - Listen To Something About Soul

Rocafort Records

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Afro funk masterclass, part one and two, from Sylvin Marc on Rocafort -

James Brown from across the water... African style!

Check the low-down from the label, right here:

"During the twentieth century, the atlantic side of Africa transforms itself into a laboratory of musical experimentation. The rivers, beginning with the mighty Congo, offer new ways of cultural penetration. Easily accessible, inexpensive and durable, the 7-inch single becomes the format of preference across the continent as the 1960s unfold and outside influences fuse with rich African traditions. The single becomes the calling card for many African artists.

Originally from Masomeloka, Madagascar, where he was born in 1949, the young Sylvin Marc enters the Descomarmmond studio in 1967 in Antananarivo to record this intrepid 7-inch single. Far from being a mere imitator of Soul Brother Number One lost in the Indian Ocean, Marc shows an innate sense of rhythm and a vocal flexibility that's both exuberant and exciting. His singing in broken English does not diminish the freshness of this interpretation which leans heavily towards a psychedelic funk Grail. The B side pays hommage to another invention of Soul Brother # 1, one track spread out over both sides since the tight groove would not fit on just on the A side of the single."

Listen To Something About Soul, Pt. 1

Listen To Something About Soul, Pt. 2