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Synths From The Sahara - Sahel Sounds Tape

Sahel Sounds

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Yes. yes. yes.

We've just recently got our hands on a batch of tapes imported via Portland, and this is up there with the finest gems of them all.

Even the title and the amazing artwork should be enough reason to get excited about this.

Basically, this tape does what it says on the tin -
Synths, from the Sahara.

Served up via the great Sahel Sounds imprint, this one features Hama, Mammane Sani and synthesizer jams from the North-African region.

If you liked the Autotune The World Series, Bollywood Music From Nigeria, Libyan Reggae and the sounds of Omar Souleyman, then this should scratch your itch, no doubt.

A superb artefact, filled with amazing, obscure, mellow and just plain wild tracks. Perfectly suited for the cassette format.

Load it up in your ghettoblaster (ideally on a hot day).
Turn up the volume.
Good things will happen.

A1 Japonais - Bambino Instrui
A2 Mamman Sani - Boodo
A3 Mamman Sani - Ameran
A4 Ahmedou Lewla - Track 15
A5 Unknown Artist -Mauritania
A6 Sidiki Diabate - Amuse
B1 Maloma Et Becave - Untitled
B2 Mamman Sani - Ci Dadi
B3 Ahmedou Lewla - Track 1
B4 Japonais - Nouveau Instrui
B5 Mamman Sani - Bismillah

Clips Side 1

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