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Systemwide - Low Orbit (Alter Echo Mix / Dubkasm mix)

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Another strong PDX >> BRS linkup via ZamZam Sounds!

for the 51st disc on the impressive ZamZam catalogue, we find the debut from veteran group 'Systemwide', the band in which label co-owner Ezra E Ereckson (E3) has been involved for many years now, but which has recently seen a new injection of force, with that recent NoCorner reissue and now this special combination of mixes by another close collaborator and vet' on the desk 'Alter Echo' as well as Bristol's very own Dubkasm.

Alter Echo & Dubkasm both unveil the ghosts lurking in the depths of this dubwise stormer, Low Orbit.
Alter Echo injects a dose of dread with low slung bass signals and sub aquatic melodies, whilst Dubkasm tinge the arrangement with recordings of Japanese radio (made by Digistep during their recent Tour, and signature deep roots vibrations on the bassline, complimented by perfectly tuned spring reverb, synare shots and mixing desk feedback.
Ras Addis also makes an appearance, for that extra certified d r e a d.

Serious, serious dubwise from the treasure box!

Limited to 700, no repress, no digital.
Designed by Tracy at Polygon Press.

Low Orbit (Alter Echo Mix)

Liberation (Dubkasm Mix)