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Systemwide - Provisional (Dub) / Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix)


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With a growing discography of cassettes, 7"s and LPs, NoCorner are now issuing their first 12" single, reissuing two crucial cuts from the Systemwide vaults of the late 90's / early 00's.

The A Side - Provisional (Dub) was originally released in 1999, as part of the 'Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze - At The City Of The Dead' project, on a 5-track 10", setting the two dub extraordinaries head to head and giving the underground a first taste of this heavily loaded piece of bass & drum centric dubwise music.

On the next side of the disc, we find the shimmering 'Pan American Midnight Sun' Remix of Ripe Up, which turns a sedated version of the original into something deeply meditative, centred around introspective melodica and isolated bass guitar, with shreds of the percussion escaping through an array of effects, expertly dubbed.

The searing Provisional (Dub) was lifted from the original 2" tape session from which Alter Echo spliced up and dubbed the extracts to perfection, giving the forceful, slow bassline and the impactful drums and their rare 6/8 feel all the power to make a soundsystem shake the foundations. Towards the second half of the track, the heavy underlying current of bass & drum is further accentuated by the ruff & ready snare fills that pummel down over a barrage of delay and reverb... This is proper rebel music.

The glistening Ripe Up remix, sweeps in like the perfect calm of the storm after the A side has done it's deed... Floating along weightlessly, the pulsing bass guitar acting as the only anchor for it's duration, a truly elevating and uplifting version, beautifully tranquil yet indestructible due to it's low-end foundations, guiding the way forward as all the other elements escape into the mist.

Even 15 years after these tracks first saw the light, they remain as relevant and timeless as ever.
The only difficult thing is to choose which of the sides is our favourite.

Triple-stamped in brown paper sleeve.

Written & Performed live by Systemwide.
Mixed by Josh Derry.
Re-mastered via 1/2 inch tape by Lewis at Stardelta.

Provisional (Dub)

Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix)