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Repress of a classic.

Torsten Pröfrock ends his work as T++ with this double pack for HJ. Clearly at the top of his game, the mastercraftsman reworks some archival material which the label previously re-issued as ‘Something Is Wrong - Songs From East Africa 1952-57’ into a dense web of breakbeat techno which draws influence from 2-step and neurofunk D&B along the way.

Retaining the analogue textures of the source material, fragments of vocals are warped and twisted around micro edited drum patterns, at times awkward, but always rolling. UK sound system culture is given an obvious nod here in the crushing weight of sub bass that underpins all four cuts.

From the haunting vocals of ‘Cropped’, the submerged melodies and staccato kicks of ‘Anyi’ and the high pressure atmospherics of ‘Voices No Bodies’ (which reminds us most of his ‘Atlas’ 12 as Monolake) there is an unbroken focus on the most crucial job of this strain of music - making people dance, you won’t be able to resist this one.



Voices No Bodies