Taiko & Le Lion - Flummox EP


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Taiko arrives on the FKOF-affiliated Subaltern label with 3 tracks that show off the deeper side of dubstep and Taiko's keen ear for percussive intuition.

Sole A-sider De Maya is a tribal drum work-out in half time, full of sub and with a fully dangerous brock-out half-way through the track. Full of swing, full of sub-weight, and an impressive start.

Title track Flummox draws its sonic cues from Coki: off-kilter, full of mids and melodic at its heart, but Taiko chooses to dial back the aggression in favour of some breathing room and a little less bravado.

Last track here is the aptly titled Stick Fight....

6 minutes of warring rim-shots and non-western percussion offset against an underbelly of dotted-time dancehall riddim, topped off with wonky melody a-la Gantz. Jammin' break snippets and bass pulses are the icing on the plate - tun' it up...

Stick Fight


De Maya feat. Le Lion