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Talisman - She Look Like Reggae / Dubkasm Dub

Sugarshack Records

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Two stalwarts of Bristolian heritage meeting on this soundsystem-styled 7" -

Talisman, who began making their mark on the UK reggae scene around 1984, and are the name behind UK roots anthems such as 'Dole Age' and 'Nothing Change', have recently been investing new energy into the scene, with crucial reissues and new material surfacing via Bristol Archive Records, and the sister imprint 'Sugarshack Recordings' with this new LP soon come.

A nice surprise it is, to see this link up of with another outfit (most of you don't need further explaining) that has been active since the mid 90's and continues to push UK roots and soundsystem culture forward: Dubkasm.

Taken from their LP 'Don't Play With Fyah' Dubkasm have taken on the task of re-working 'She Look Like Reggae', ready for soundsystem application with two cuts primed for 7" pressure.

Both the vocal and dub versions are brand new interpretations, with Digistep at the controls via the mixing board at Dubkasm HQ, BS5.

Heavyweight material, this will drop like lead on a worthy set of speakers.

Edition of 500.

Talisman - She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm vocal)

Talisman - She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm Dub)