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<< RwdFwd Exclusive >>

After many months of peer-pressure from us, Tape-Echo have finally given in, finally done the right thing:

The official Tape-Echo Logo T-shirt is here.

For those that don't know, Tape-Echo began it's works in early 2010, publishing photographs and words largely based around musical happenings in Bristol, with D.I.Y. ethics and vinyl culture at it's core.

The Tape-Echo manifesto represents somewhat of a statement against the 'fast-track hype machine' with each article meticulously typed-up on a typewriter, photos shot on film and imagery cut & pasted using photocopiers, glue, scissors, and other hands-on techniques.

As time passed, the type writer kept tapping, records kept spinning, and the inevitable link-up between T-E and Peng Sound happened - a friendship and meeting of kindred spirits that lead to the Peng Sound Record label being founded, the first NoCorner cassettes being made, that Hotline Sim-Card being purchased and of course the inauguration of the good old RwdFwd shop - initially designed as a platform for the output of these projects.

Tape-Echo and it's 'Studio Tape-Echo' design-guise are responsible for a large part of the visual aesthetic and sleeve designs for all things Peng Sound, Hotline, NoCorner and RwdFwd, amongst others.
If you haven't checked it out yet, we highly recommend visiting the brilliant tape-echo.com and keeping an eye out for the 'designed by Studio Tape-Echo' credit on various sleeves and prints.

Screenprinted in Bristol, by Uno One Prints.
100% Cotton Gildan Softstyle tee.
Studio Tape-Echo labels on neck seam.
Available with Red Logo Print, or Black Logo Print.