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Tapes & DJ Sotofett - Topp Tonn

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Hot collabo-sounds from the one Tapes and DJ Sotofett -

It's always a good thing when you can't quite pin down a sound, when something effortlessly blends the flavours and palettes to make something fresh and unique.. This is one of them tunes, filled with riddim, fit for the dancehall or the house party, easily a good plate to dish up for the start-up or late night disco menu.

Running at a very danceable tempo and ramped up with extra off-beat stabs and snare fills to keep the momentum, it's a tough and shaking dancefloor affair that muscles through the ultra-flexible synth workouts (presumably with Tapes on the keys) in perfect manner.

Two versions on the disc, choose your pick - or just pick up the needle and turn it around for a round 2.

A wicked piece of wax - highly recommended Sex Tags bizniz, as always!

Topp Tonn