• Tapes - Dungeness / Oberheimer

Tapes - Dungeness / Oberheimer


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Jackson Bailey, known for his ‘Hissing Theatricals’ LP on Jahtari in the 00’s and his famous live sets using the cassette decks to full effect, comes through with two of his coolest and most original sounding tracks to date.

On the A side, ‘Dungeness’ is a sneaky and mysterious beat, steadily grooving drum machine rhythms, a driving bassline and dubby chords are fully saturated in analogue warmth and this joint still maintains a comfortable vibe despite it’s cool soundscape and melody.

Flip the disc, and you get ‘Oberheimer’ a completely skewed, skeletal Dancehall riddim reduced to it’s bare bones and coated in hiss and tape fuzz, the whole thing bursting at it’s seams, sounding like a King Jammy production that got obliterated in the cassette deck, this track is full of raw energy and pure unpredictability. One for the heads that know!