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Almost ten years later (shit, we're getting old) this (which can now be called) classic LP from Tapes on Jahtari - repressed!

An absolute G-E-M for all fans of tape-saturated, left-field digital dancehall & dubwise workouts at their finest, Hissing Theatricals is the perfect DIY homage to classic Kingston riddims, played and recorded with an extra twist of melancholy, and a lickle boost on the warmth and fuzz, in the mix with some original killers, for extra measure...

Dancehall heads will be in this for the killer instrumental 'Tapes' version of Tinga Stewarts firehouse classic 'Good Thing You Came Along', and Tapes' big, bad rendition of King Jammy's E20 riddim - aptly titled 'C20' in homage to the cassette's ferric qualities which lend this record that well-rounded sound.
Absolute heart-melting tunes such as Ticker Tape, the ruffneck dancehall stomp of Hackney Dub, and the woozy sway of Lowry Dub seal the deal, in case the deal wasn't already sealed for some reason.

Fuck, listening again now after some time away - this one is still ever crucial, and it won't sound any less good in 10 years. Promise.

1. Gold Love Riddim
2. Hackney Dub
3. Lowry Dub
4. Ticker Tape
5. C20 Riddim
6. Good Thing You Came Along

Gold Love Riddim

Hackney Dub

Good Thing You Came Along

Ticker Tape